Consultation about potential sites for the Roundhay Park Primary Free School in Roundhay

The Roundhay area of Leeds has been identified as needing an additional 60 reception places (two forms of entry) to ease ongoing pressure on primary school places in the area. A free school bid from the Roundhay Park Primary School Trust has been approved by the Secretary of State for Education to provide these additional places. Finding a suitable site to establish this school on has so far been difficult. Leeds City Council, the Education Funding Agency and the Free School Trust agreed to undertake a joint consultation with all interested parties and stakeholders on 4 potential sites in the Roundhay area which had been considered by the Education Funding Agency as having potential to be brought forward for educational use. One of these sites is on a part of Roundhay Park so we feel it is right that the whole city has a say on whether it should be further considered for this purpose.

Next steps

The site plans are available within the RoundhayFreeSchoolSiteConsultation2017document, and if you wish to formally respond to the consultation you can take the survey below:

 Alternatively, you can email us at or write to us at Leeds City Council, Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Team, C/O Leeds Town Hall, PO Box 837, Leeds, LS1 9PZ.


The plans and survey questions will also be available in Leeds Civic Hall and Tropical World. There will be a drop in session where staff will be available to answer questions and discuss the consultation at the Civic Hall. Please see details of the drop in session below. This consultation will run until  midnight on Friday 12 May 2017 to enable a broad range of interested parties to express their views on the options as they are. We would encourage citizens of Leeds to share this consultation with those they may feel have an interest and would want to take part.

A further drop in session will be held from 5.00pm – 8.00 pm on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at:
Civic Hall (West Room)
Calverley Street

Please access the building via the Portland Crescent entrance.

Get directions to Civic Hall

When will a decision be made?

The outcomes of this consultation will be passed on to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) for inclusion in their appraisal of which site(s) to consider progressing for the free school.

Any site the EFA does move forward with would need to be purchased from the current owner and also require planning permission. Issues such as planning constraints and purchase costs are covered in the attached site specific information.


At the meeting of the council’s Executive Board on 17 December the decision was made to proceed with the proposal to increase the permanent admission number for Gledhow Primary from 60 to 90 from September 2016 increasing the overall capacity of the school from 420 to 630.

For more information on the meeting click here


The statutory notice period relating to Gledhow Primary has now ended. The next stage is to report the responses to Executive Board who will then make a decision on whether or not to proceed. We will update you here when we have more information.

Statutory Notice for Gledhow Primary School

Following a period of consultation in Roundhay to identify a way to provide sufficient numbers of primary school places, a formal proposal has now been published. This is known as a statutory notice and is a 4 week period during which representations can be made to the local authority.

The proposal is to permanently increase the capacity of Gledhow Primary School from 420 to 630 pupils with effect from 1 September 2016. The current admission number is 60 and the proposed admission number is 90.

The full statutory notice is available to view via this link

Please do not submit responses to the statutory notice using this site. Any responses should be made to the Capacity Planning Team as detailed in the notice, or by using this link –


The consultation on proposals to provide additional primary school places in Roundhay has now closed. We’d like to thank all those who have contributed.

In order to preserve the integrity of the thread no further comments will be approved however the thread will remain visible so those interested can view the discussion.

We will provide an updates here as information becomes available to share.

Consultation Response

Over the course of this consultation period people have used this forum to post comments and share their views. As you’ve heard more about the proposals you may have reached a clear view that you want us to take into consideration.

We have set up an on line response form, and is the consultation draws to a close we would encourage you to express those views on the link which can be found here:


we will continue to use this forum for discussion and clarification but if you wish to submit a final, formal response please use the link above.

Roundhay Consultation

Data shows there is significant pressure on primary school places in the Roundhay area. Following a stakeholder engagement event and a period of on line discussion to identify a suitable solution to the issue the following proposal has been developed:

  •  To expand Gledhow Primary School from 2 form entry (60 places per year group) to 3 form entry (90 places per year group)
  • To expand Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School from 2 form entry (60 places per year group) to 3 form entry (90 places per year group)

A number of other options were discussed however many of these proved not to be viable due to constraints on site, cost, distance to area of pressure and highways issues. We are now taking comments on the proposals set out above. We are arranging a series of drop in sessions in the area to allow parents, residents and other interested parties to discuss the issues in person with officers from the school place capacity planning team, highways, planning and built environment teams. We will publicise these dates as they become available.

This phase of the consultation will run until the end of the summer term on 25th July. Following that a report on the consultation will be submitted to the Executive Board (the decision making body of the council) sometime in the autumn.

The previous discussion post is available below for viewing however to preserve the integrity of the thread we will only be approving comments on this post from now on. Please comment on this post.

Below is the consultation document:

Roundhay consultation doc – final