This site is run by the Sufficiency & Participation Team for Leeds City Council. It’s our job to monitor demand and ensure there is a sufficiency of school places for the children of Leeds to access a good education locally.

The purpose of these pages is to give stakeholders and the wider public a space to discuss options on how to provide more school places, where they are needed, and ask questions about the issues raised.

Most of the discussions on here will last a relatively short period of time, but we will make it clear when one thread has reached a natural conclusion. We have to submit reports to the council’s decision making body, Executive Board, before we can formally proceed with any proposed solution.

Following legislative changes in January 2014 this is part of a new process for discussion and consultation. Initially we hold a stakeholder engagement event where key stakeholders are invited to discuss the issues and possible solutions are identified. These discussions are then moved here to enable a broader level of engagement with the wider community.

Following on from this a formal proposal is developed which we then consult on; using this site for discussion and an online survey site to capture definitive responses.

The final stage in the process is the statutory notice stage where representations can be made to the council.

Updates and information about proposals will be posted on the relevant page on this site, including any necessary documents or links.

If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve or develop this process please fill in the feedback form available on this page. It’s important to us that this process works for as many people as possible.

If you are viewing this site on a mobile device you may not be able to see the buttons to access the other pages with the relevant discussions on. We are investigating this issue, however in the mean time it may be better to use a PC, laptop or tablet to view this site.

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