Statutory Notices

Following a period of consultation in Armley/Wortley and Bramley to identify a way to provide sufficient numbers of primary school places, formal proposals have now been published. This is known as a statutory notice and is a 4 week period during which representations can be made to the local authority.

The full statutory notices are available to view via these links;

Full proposal for Hollybush;

Full proposal for Castleton;

Any responses should be made to the capacity planning team as detailed in the notice, or by using this link:

Responses must be submitted by 4pm on 1/10/14. Please do not submit responses to the statutory notice using this site.

You can also find out more about Statutory Notices and other guidance on school organisation from the Department for Education by clicking here.

At the council’s Executive Board meeting on 16 July the proposals to expand Castleton primary school from 30 to 60 places per year and Hollybush primary school from 60 to 90 places per year with effect from September 2016  were approved.

There is now a one week period following the meeting during which these decisions may be called in  for scrutiny – you can read more about scrutiny here:

Once this period is complete the proposals will move towards the planning application process.