Consultation on a proposal to expand St Chad’s C of E Primary School

The Abbey Multi Academy Trust and governing body of St Chad’s Church of England Primary School, in partnership with Leeds City Council, are proposing to expand St Chad’s Church of England Primary School from a capacity of 210 to 420 pupils and to increase the admission limit in reception from 30 to 60 pupils from September 2019.

The consultation period lasts for four weeks between Monday 16 January 2017 and Friday 10 February 2017.   During this period views on the proposal are being sought from parents, staff, residents and other local stakeholders.

As part of the consultation, Leeds City Council is also seeking views on a change to a small section of the West Park playing fields adjacent to the school, which would be required to provide a shared use sports pitch as part of the school expansion scheme.

During the consultation period there will be drop-in sessions at the school where you can have your say or find out more.  The drop-in sessions will be held at St Chad’s Church of England Primary School, Northolme Ave, West Park, LS16 5QR as follows;

Tuesday 24 January 2017     2:30pm – 4:00pm

Tuesday 24 January 2017     5:30pm – 7:00pm

Friday 27 January 2017        8:30am – 9:30am

You may comment on this proposal by clicking on ‘leave a comment’ at the bottom of the page. More information is available in the consultation booklet.

You can contribute to this part of the discussion until Friday 10 February 2017 at 4pm.

If any of the information above is required in large print / braille / alternative language version please contact Leeds City Council.


Leeds City Council, PO Box 837, Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Team, Leeds, LS1 9PZ



  1. I object to the proposed expansion on the following grounds: 1) The increase in congestion, pollution and disruption to the the residents of nearby houses twice a day when parents drop off their children. It is chaos now at times and will be unsustainable with an increase in intake; 2) There is adequate space on the old site of the West Park Centre on Spen Lane which the council earmarked and promised to keep for an educational establishment. This has adequate parking as previous use as a school. Going back on its word contradict previous Council Site Allocation proposals, and disregards the covenants; 3) The proposed extension to St Chadd’s will encroach on land that is the West Park Fields which were granted Fields-in-Trust (FIT) status to commemorate the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The land that they would have to replace it with has to be of the same or better standard which I doubt the land on the old West Park Centre is; 4) Any proposed extension to the school will entail the fencing off of the field reducing access along Northolme Avenue and partly along Northolme Crescent.

    • Since the Site Allocations Plan was first published, a number of amendments have been made to the plan as new information came forward. The former West Park School site on Spen Lane was originally reserved for education provision within the Site Allocations Plan but has subsequently been allocated as a potential housing site.

      For the former West Park School site to be used for education purposes, either new provision would need to be established by a free school provider (the local authority is no longer able to establish new schools and is therefore the provider of last resort), or the site would have to be used as part of an expansion to existing provision in the form of a split-site school. New government guidance (April 2016) however makes it very difficult to propose expansion of an existing school on to a split site; it is likely that such a proposal would be viewed as new provision rather than an expansion to existing provision and as such, the free school route would have to be followed.

      Also, the Department of Education deems that new school provision is not viable if it is smaller than 60 children in reception (2 forms of entry). Establishing new provision of at least 2 forms of entry so near to existing provision (St Chad’s Primary School) would threaten the viability of both schools and other schools in the area as it is likely that there would be an over-supply of places.

  2. I strongly support this expansion. I live in the Weetwood ward and I am the parent of one of the approximately 30 children unable to be offered a local primary school place last September, when my daughter started school. We now drive her out of the area to school. I would dearly like my children to have access to a local school and play a part in our local community. My son is due to start school in 2019, and this expansion would really ease the pressure on ALL the schools in this area. It gives me hope that we might get a local school place. The expansion onto the parkland is surely worth it for our local children. I regularly run on this green space and agree it is lovely, but support a small part of it being used for this expansion.

  3. This expansion is desperately needed, as long as the school places will be allocated to local residents and not assessed on religious grounds. We are currently looking at moving out of the area as we have no assurance that our 2 year old will be granted a place in the next round of school clearance.

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