Shakespeare Primary School and The Co-Operative Academy of Leeds-statutory proposal and notice period

At its meeting on 22 June 2016, Leeds City Council’s Executive Board approved the publication of a Statutory Notice relating to the linked proposal to expand and relocate Shakespeare Primary School and to expand The Co-Operative Academy of Leeds.

A formal proposal has now been published. This is known as a statutory notice, which is published at the start of a period during which representations can be made to the local authority. The statutory notice period runs from 5 July 2016 to 4pm on 2 August 2016.

The proposal is to expand primary places at Shakespeare Primary School from a capacity of 315 pupils to 630 pupils with an increase in the admission number from 45 to 90 with effect from September 2018, which will involve the relocation of Shakespeare Primary School onto the Dolly Lane site; and

to expand secondary places at The Co-operative Academy of Leeds from a capacity of 900 students to 1,200 students, with an increase in the admissions number from 180 to 240 with effect from September 2019.

The full statutory notice is available to view via this link:

Please do not submit responses to the statutory notice using this site. Any responses should be made in writing to The Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Team, c/o Leeds Town Hall, PO Box 837, Leeds City Council, LS1 9PZ, or by email to to reach us no later than 4pm on 2 August 2016.