Consultation on the proposal to expand Hovingham Primary School from September 2017

We are seeking your views on the following proposal:

To expand Hovingham Primary School from a capacity of 420 to 630 pupils and to increase the admission limit in reception from 60 to 90 pupils from September 2017.

This consultation will run from Monday 13 June 2016 to Friday 8 July at 4pm and during this time there will be drop-in sessions at the school where you can have your say or find out more.

The drop-in sessions will be held at Hovingham Primary School as follows:

Wednesday 15th June – 3:00- 3:45pm

Wednesday 15th June – 5:00-6:30pm

Friday 1st July – 8:30-10:00am

You may leave a comment or discuss this proposal by clicking the ‘leave a comment’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to respond formally, please click on the link here to take our online survey.

You can find out more information from our consultation document

Consultation booklet Hovingham Primary

You can contribute to this part of the discussion until Friday 8 July at 4pm.

If any of the information above is required in large print / Braille / alternative language version of the document please contact us.


Leeds City Council, PO Box 837, Sufficiency & Participation Team, c/o Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, LS1 9PZ



  1. If the expansion goes ahead, will the building work reduce the amount of outdoor space the children have?

    If the answer to the above is yes, are there any plans being discussed to either add other land to the school grounds or to enhance the existing outdoor space?

    • At this stage in the consultation process a feasibility report would not be commissioned to investigate the technical implications of expanding the school site. Should the proposal progress to the next stage, the feasibility report would identify the requirements of any proposed development including additional land. Should this requirement form part of the final proposal, land owned by Leeds City Council to the rear of the existing school site could be developed, with the agreement of the current leaseholders, to support any loss of green space. Any development of this land would be to the benefit of both the school and wider community via the current lease holders. The proposal would be considered by Planning and Sport England as part of the statutory planning process.

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