Fieldhead Carr Primary School expansion proposal

Consultation events and meetings took place during January 2015 to consider the proposal to expand Fieldhead Carr Primary School from 210 to 420 pupils and to increase the admission limit in reception from 40 to 60 pupils from September 2018.

A report was submitted to Executive Board in February 2016 which sought permission to publish a statutory notice in respect of this proposal. Permission was given and this will be published on 29 March 2016

A copy of the notice and the associated full proposal can be found through theĀ links below. Within four weeks from the date of publication of these proposals, i.e. by 4pm on 26 April 2016, any person may object to or make comments on the proposals by sending them to The Sufficiency & Participation Team, PO Box 837, c/o Town Hall, Leeds City Council, LS1 9PZ, or by email to:

Statutory Notice_Full proposal_FHC

Statutory notice – FHC