As part of the process for identifying options to deliver more school places in the Adel area, a stakeholder event was held on 4 July based on the OBA (outcomes based accountability) methodology. Attendees at the meeting included school governors, head teachers, elected members, neighbourhood forum representatives, parent representatives and members of staff from the capacity planning team, highways and transportation teams, planning and built environment officers.

A number of options were suggested to help meet the growing demand for school places and we would like to hear views and comments on all of the options put forward. Alternatively, if there’s an option you feel has not been covered here please suggest it.

Demographic data showing children aged 0-5 years living in the area was presented and group discussions took place around this. Although there are sufficient school places in Adel for the existing population, participants view was that additional places are required due to housing developments planned in the area.

A summary of the suggestions put forward that would involve expanding existing schools:

Please note that these suggestions may not have been put forward by representatives of the stated school and therefore may not represent that school’s governing body view. In addition, there are also a number of practical barriers to some of the options put forward, including traffic and highways matters. Where sites or land use is suggested, this land may not be available or in Leeds City Council ownership and would therefore need further investigation.

  • Expand Adel Primary School from 1 forms of entry to 1.5 forms of entry (30 to 45 places in reception)
  • Expand Adel St John The Baptist C of E Primary School from 1 forms of entry to 1.5 forms of entry (30 to 45 places in reception)
  • Create a through school at Ralph Thorseby High offering primary and secondary school provision by changing the age range of the school from 11-18 to 4-18, utilising the land on which the former school was located.
  • Change the admissions policy of Adel St John’s C of E Primary School so only children nearest to this school get priority. The governing body of the school sets its own admissions policy.

Suggestions put forward that would involve new sites:

Please note that no new sites other than those mentioned below have been identified that are currently in council ownership and available for use that would allow the establishment of a new school. Any sites in external ownership would carry an acquisition cost.

  • Create a new 1 form of entry (30 places) primary school on the former site of the East Moor Secure Children’s Home. This would be very close to an existing good school. Also, the only route to establishing a new school is a free school or competition for a new Academy.
  • Create an annex to Adel Primary School offering additional school places at the former site of the East Moor Secure Children’s Home.
  • Move one of the existing Adel Schools, both currently 1 forms of entry (30 places) to an alternative site and rebuild at 2 forms of entry (60 places). Sell off the former site to help fund the project.
  • Build a new primary school out of the Adel area using council or privately owned sites. The only route to establishing a new school is a Free School or competition for a new Academy.
  • Create a new 1 form of entry (30 places) primary school on the PAS site off Otley Road. The only route to establishing a new school is a free school or competition for a new Academy. This land is not in council ownership.

This part of the consultation will run for 4 weeks, following which we will looking at all the feedback received during this time as well as information gathered at the stakeholder event, to determine the way forward.

Please note that all comments will pass through moderation before going live. This may take up to 48 hours but we will aim to process them quicker during office hours.




  1. Re suggested school place resolutions for Adel.

    I would strongly favour proposals that enable primary school age children living in Adel to walk safely from their home to a local school because this opportunity promotes good health, good communication, friendships and responsible stewardship of the environment.

    I would therefore not support any proposals to locate primary age children in schools that are not within easy safe walking distance of their homes, and if this was considered to be essential, I think LCC should fund a school bus service to minimise the impact on highways and the environment that could be caused by extra car journeys, and to mitigate the risk of young children crossing major roads such as the nearby A660.

  2. Local children should be able to walk safely and easily to a school within Adel: the alternatives will take up a lot of time, undermine friendship groups and after school activities and are likely to damage the environment. The Council should make a commitment to use its powers to facilitate the creation of more local places, and until local needs can be met it should refuse all planning applications for more family housing.

    • I agree with Margaret Perkin and Jane Riley that primary schools should be within safe walking distance. The creation of a through school at Ralph Thorseby High by changing the age range of the school from 11-18 to 4-18, building on land an the Holt park site, e.g. land on which the former High or middle school was located. Ralph Thoresby is already a co-operative school so the primary section could be semi-autonomous as part of a Ralph Thoresby consortium.

      Whatever happens, the situation is that there are not enough school places in the area to support either the house building that is already happening or the applications in the pipeline. The school places issue should be resolved before any further applications are considered.

  3. All the new houses proposed are 500 k plus, problem solved they can all go to private schools. Or maybe the answer, dimwits at LCC is to build affordable homes in Leeds where they are needed and maybe utilise some of the numerous brownfield sites around the city. You could build a new school there too. The answer is no more development in Adel.

    Le Coeur de Lion.

  4. As the parent of a preschooler, any of the above solutions would be agreeable – just please get on and make one of them happen! Adel is becoming less and less desirable as a residential area in Leeds for parents as it is widely known that the number of school places is inadequate. This situation is bad enough at the moment and so it is incredibly distressing that LCC keeps approving new developments with no consideration for the needs of current residents. We bought in Adel several years ago partly because of the local schools; we are now in a situation where we will struggle to get a place. As others have clearly said already, there should be no more building in Adel until local need can be met.

  5. At the public meeting at AWMA the council staff blithely told us there was not a need for places according to their calculations.

    I am dismayed to be living in a nice part of Leeds which is now being overbuilt on and that parents of young children are looking forward to insecurity in local school provision.

    Infrastructure is vital and should precede all other development.

    Our Councillors are elected on this basis and the staff at Leeds City Council should understand this and act accordingly. Instead of coming to public meetings and having to ask for this information it should be provided beforehand. This is what we pay our rates for.

    What is the point of living in a locality when your children must be shipped elsewhere to make friends.

    I am retired with no young children but this is an issue for us all.

    As for people with 500K houses being able to afford private school and that being a solution, that is muddled thinking.

  6. Following an issue with leaflet delivery advertising this discussion in the Adel area we have taken the decision to reopen this thread and allow further comments.

  7. It would be nice if public officials coordinated their activities. School provision in Adel cannot be viewed separately from the enormous burden of new housing that is being threatened for the area and the catastrophic effect that this coupled with extra schools places is going to have on the highways in Adel. Every extra school place comes with an accompanying increase in vehicle traffic Given that we are threatened with 500 plus new dwellings in the next two years within just one square mile of Adel each of which will generate extra car traffic around rush hour, the burden of extra parents bringing their children to school at the same time will be unsustainable given the limited opportunity to expand the highways network.

    Adel is getting more than its share of new housing development totally out of proportion to its size and ability to cope with such an sudden expansion. This is wrong and public officials should wake up to the fact that some of this housing expansion should be spread to other suitable parts of the city leaving Adel with an expansion that can be coped with sustainably. If the current plans go ahead it will totally degrade the area resulting in traffic chaos and extra pollution but then what do public officials who are supposed to serve the community care about this, especially if they don’t live in Adel!

  8. How will an expansion of Ralph Thorseby to a 4-18 school benefit Adel children? Surely this would be more likely to benefit pupils in the Holt Park and Cookridge area? For many Adel children this would mean that they would need to travel to school by car and I agree with a previous poster that this would undermine friendship groups and after school activities and is likely to damage the environment. Walking across the A660 with young children would not be safe.

    Expansion of the current Adel Primary or Adel St John to 1.5 form entry assumes that the current sites have the capacity to deal with the additional pupils year on year – is this actually the case? If not, this will simply place the schools in a position where they have no room to put the additional children.

    Personally I feel that moving one of the schools to a new site which would allow for 2 form entry would be sensible. However, I would favour proposals that enable primary school age children living in Adel to walk safely from their home so a site would need to be carefully considered. Why has the Council not considered using the old Boddington Hall site rather than allowing housing to be built on it?

    I agree with previous posters that the Council should refuse all planning applications for more family housing until it has ensured that the required infrastructure is in place.

  9. At least one additional primary school is required in the Adel catchment area; this will require significant planning and time but further housing must not be in the pipeline until this is in place. It is not acceptable to presume Adel residents will be able to fund private education or be willing to transport their children to schools in other suburbs, with all the additional traffic congestion that this will cause. We are expecting our first child any day and one of the reasons we moved to Adel was the appeal of being able to walk to a local school and for our child to have local friends. Personally, I would not want my 4 or 5 year old to attend a large school with ages ranging from 4 – 18 years as this does not appear to be reassuring means of starting a childs’ education

  10. Having only just found this forum, please can we have a significant improvement in making residents aware of developments on this subject.

    I agree with most of the residents’ comments above. There is a need in Adel for more primary school places and there seems to be a severe lack of joined-up thinking within the council. I understand that the council is under pressure from the government to provide more housing but it is more important to do the right thing. Both Adel schools are already oversubscribed and more housing is going to make the situation worse.

    I’ve been resident in North Leeds for 16 years and moved to Adel three years ago because of the attractive village community feel and the good schools. As my son is approaching school age it’s looking more and more that this was a bad move as he may not get a place in an Adel school. We love the area because of the great neighbours and neighbourly people in the area but for a young family to buy a house in this area is not cheap so the idea of people in our situation being able to afford private school as well is pure fantasy.

    What we want is a good school within walking distance that isn’t just a means of academic education but is the hub of the community and somewhere local children and families can build lasting friendships. I agree with the post above that a school catering for 4-18 year olds doesn’t seem like a good solution and seems a bit like education on an industrial scale.

  11. All this should have been properly thought through before the 500 new houses were granted planning permission; now that the horse has bolted we are being consulted.Personally I think it has to be a new school as fundamentally changing the existing Adel schools will be a significant challenge and could impact on the quality the schools currently deliver.

  12. It is a complete failing on the part of Leeds City council that the issue of school places in Adel was not identified and discussed years ago, particularly when the council were in negotiation with the house building companies. I understand some of the land used to build these houses was owned by the council, thus Leeds have had a large injection into their public funds. It is not rocket science, you build more houses you need more school places. At the first consultation with the house builders this issue should have addressed, it’s called taking a proactive approach. If more schools are built, they need to be within walking distance, if schools are extended this should not affect/impact on the teachers/pupils already in those schools. I strongly object to Extending Ralph Thorseby, as I agree with the above posts re education on an industrial scale. Leeds City council stop selling off the land for housing, make it a requirement of the building companies to part subsidise new school development in the local area.

  13. Response on behalf of Adel Neighbourhood Forum.
    The now established and designated Adel Neighbourhood Forum has conducted two large public consultation events for the residents of Adel.
    The two main areas of concern were the capacity for education provision at Primary and Secondary level, and highways issues.
    These concerns were as a result of approved and new planning applications for housing development for Adel. The developments being for large family homes placing increased pressure on school places.
    Meetings have been held with the head teachers of the two Adel Primary schools and Head teachers of the local secondary feeder schools.
    The immediate pressure is on Primary schools who are at near capacity. Initial assessments to look to expand these schools have met with serious concerns around highways and green space.
    Both Primaries are to the East of the A660 Otley Road where the proposed housing development is to take place.
    Adjoining communities are also facing similar problems and are near to capacity.
    During public consultation it was strongly expressed that primary school children should be able to access a local school within walking distance. It was considered unacceptable that children should have to travel excessive distances by car to a school not of their first choice.
    The school capacity problem is twofold.
    1. Existing provision is almost full
    2. Proposed housing is being built without the necessary infrastructure for schools and highways.
    Possible solutions previously discussed.
    Can the issues around expanding the current primary schools be overcome?
    Are there expansion possibilities at Ralph Thoresby High school to establish a through school to the West of the A660 Otley Road?
    Have developers/land owners made a contribution of land to be made available to establish a free school within Adel?
    The authority must urgently re assess the data and demographics for the Adel and adjoining communities in light of the immense pressure the Council is under to create 70,000 new homes in Leeds. This can only be achieved when a plan is made to include the key areas for schools and highways.
    Children’s services must be prepared to object to the large numbers of family homes being proposed without ensuring there is an adequate infrastructure in place that supports community cohesion.

    • We thank the neighbourhood forum for their work to gather input from the community, and for their comments on the routes forward. These will be considered alongside all other responses at the end of the consultation, and we will be in touch to ensure this process can be managed effectively alongside the neighbourhood planning process. As a point of information, children’s services do provide information on the impact on school provision when planning applications are put forward, and do secure contributions and land where possible. This information is then used to inform a fully rounded planning decision reflecting all the competing needs of the city and the locality.

      • “This information is then used to inform a fully rounded planning decision reflecting all the competing needs of the city and the locality”.

        Wonderful. How lucky we are to have such splendid public officials and how reassuring to know that the future of Adel is in such safe hands.

      • “and do secure contributions and land where possible.”

        I have e-mails saved from the council to support the suggestion that they secure financial “contributions” from developers but when I asked what the value of these was, how they would be spent, where they would be spent, when they would be spent and could local residents be consulted on what they would like the money to be spent on, I was told that the council doesn’t consult on this and doesn’t make public any information at all on the financials. Maybe I’m being cynical but it would be nice to know that the money is being used properly in the local area…..

  14. The school situation in Adel is very worrying… and so is the wider infrastructure problem caused by LCC allowing the overdevelopment of the area…

    Why has LCC allowed all these new developments to take place without considering the availability of school places? Why didn’t LCC ask the developers to contribute to building new schools in the area (i.e. enter into a section 106 agreement with them)? Was this ever considered by LCC?

    I consider there is no choice but to either expand the existing schools or build a new school. Utilising the East Moor Children’s Home seems the best option (whether it be: (1) expanding the existing schools, (2) moving an existing school and selling off the land or (3) building a new school). However, I would be interested to know why any new school would have to be an academy or free school?

    Has the old Work and Pensions site been sold off (i.e. the site opposite the cemetery)? I’ve noticed it is currently being demolished. Has planning for residential development been granted on this site? If so, surely a small school could be built within that site (by the developer if the land is not owned by LCC?). If not, please don’t allow more houses to be built… where is all the new traffic going to go? Where is the dental and doctor surgeries to accommodate all these new residents? Where are the shops within walking distance? Please, please, please stop this madness.

    I strongly object to the proposed ‘through school’ at Ralph Thorsby. The school would not be in walking distance for many residents; it is education on an industrial scale (and destroys the security and community feel of a small local primary school); the school would not principally benefit the residents of Adel (more Cookridge); and the small residential roads would not accommodate the extra traffic generated (i.e. the school would be next to Asda, a pub, a gym and an existing secondary school…not an idea place for young primary school children). Also, isn’t Ralph Thorsby a school deemed by Ofsted that “requires improvement”…and so shouldn’t the focus be on trying to improve the existing school rather than having ideas to expand it?

    I have lived in Adel for 4 years and was attracted to the local / community feel of the area. Adel is changing too fast, too soon and is losing its community feel. The amount of traffic now passing through Adel is extremely concerning, especially in rush hour; there are not enough shops/services to accommodate all these new houses and… where has LCC invested in Adel as a result of allowing all these new developments to go ahead? The residents of Adel are paying high council tax rates and suffering from the consequences of overdevelopment…for what?

    All proposed developments in Adel (and the surrounding areas) should not be allowed to go ahead… This is not just a school place problem, but a major infrastructure and traffic problem… Why not incentivise people to cycle to work by fixing pot holes and marking proper cycle routes on pavements (a cheaper alternative to a Trolley bus); talk to bus companies about lowering their bus fares (I’d catch the bus to work if it was cheaper!)… why is there no competition in the market?; and why not even consider an underground system to alleviate the traffic problems in Leeds (…Rome wasn’t built in a day!).

    Please stop the overdevelopment of Adel.

  15. I too am very concerned about school places in Adel and echo previous posts. Huge new developments have been agreed with perhaps little thought to the infrastructure required to support them. Of the suggestions stated I support the suggested increase in capacity to the existing primary schools but am seriously doubtful whether this will be enough. Could LCC outline how these numbers have been calculated?

    I strongly believe that children should be able to walk to school and live close to their friends. I am the mother to a toddler and it is certainly in the forefront of my mind.

  16. I mirror a lot of the parent’s views above in that I think it is very important that children of primary school age attend their local school, which should be within walking distance. This allows them to build relationships with their peers in the local community.
    I have concerns about a few of the above proposals, if class intake is increased to 1.5 per year will the staff ratios reflect this? And is there space for this currently?
    The idea of extending Ralph thoresby is not appealing, it sounds like too big an age range for one school site and would be scary for little ones. And it isn’t in walking distance from most of Adel.
    I have 2 pre school age children and will be applying for a school place this year, this is a topic which worries me as I believe there are not enough places to go round, and good school provision was one of the reasons we moved to the area.
    A solution needs to be found, and the situation has definitely been made worse by extensive development without thinking about all the new school age children these family homes will attract.

  17. We are an example of new adel residents in a newly constructed housing estate who are hoping to start a family in the next couple of years. We were attracted to adel for its prestigious reputation, friendly neighbourhood and for its good schools. Clearly with the increased population in Adel and a potential shift in the demographic that results from the amount of new build housing, there needs to be an increase in school places to match. This requires thought and long term planning which I trust that the council will be thinking about as part of this consultation. All I hope is that when our family reach school age, which could be 5 years away, that there is a good school within walking distance and that we’re not battling for places.

    • We shall see… and of course it’s not just about schools and traffic. Other services are also struggling to cope. I’ve lived in Adel for 12 years and things are certainly getting worse. For example we now often have to wait more than a week for a non urgent appointment with our GP. It used to be a couple of days. As far as I’m aware the number of GPs at the practice hasn’t reduced, so the answer must be a lot more patients. Like others who have posted comments I find it extraordinary that planning permission has been given to these huge developments without the infrastructure being sorted out first. The various consultations on the proposed developments will have elicited comments on these very issues from local residents but they clearly have been ignored. You do have to wonder then what is the point of consultations when you know the developers will always get their way. It is also obvious that the developers must make bigger profits if they are allowed to build on green sites in Adel rather than brown sites in Leeds. That’s why they have targeted Adel and with LLC’s help will continue to do so.

      • I couldn’t agree more with E Scott’s comments. Council officials seem to have their objectives all worked out. These are entirely to do with meeting housing targets in the easiest way possible for them rather than acting to protect residents from the inappropriately large and unsustainable developments being proposed for Adel. There have been various consultations including this one centering on what is about to hit the area. One has to conclude that these are no more than cynical PR exercises. It seems clear that officials and developers have no intention of listening to, let alone acting on the concerns of residents.

        Being reasonable I’m sure that the area can and should contribute to the city’s new housing targets but the Boddington and Lawnswood DWP brown-field sites plus the eyesore of Centurion Fields is surely enough. That’s getting on for 400 houses! Why in addition is it necessary to desecrate the beautiful area opposite the church?That is surely greed on the part of developers and a lame roll over at best by planners and other LCC officials. They should be standing up and protecting local interests from something that is plainly unfair, and an injustice for Adel and its residents.

  18. I live just off Holt Lane and both my sobs went to Adel St John the Baptist School. However expanding this school is only going to benefit parents who conform with this school’s admission policy as it is a church school. Putting this aside, for me all the families moving into the new housing would leapfrog me to a school place because they are nearer as the crow flies to the existing schools. We are supposed to have a choice where we send our children to school and this will be taken away for a lot of local residents.

    Adel primary school doesn’t have an awful lot of land with it and expansion would eat into a lot of the outside space. I assume 1.5 form entry would mean approx 45 children per year. Forgive me If I’m being a bit thick here but how exactly would this be split into classes. I’m assuming there wouldn’t be 45 children in a class.

    The only sensible option seems to be to build a new school that serves the whole community and not just those that allegedly go to church.

  19. LCC, please halt any development of further houses in the fields opposite the church. This building is taking place to the detriment of people living in Adel and to the environment. I walk to Adel St John’s every morning with my seven year old son and the level of traffic and car pollution has become increasingly hazardous. Housing built opposite the church will threaten a precious historical heritage. The priorities of LCC seem completely skewed and their duty towards residents and environmental protection seems to have fallen by the wayside. New houses will increase the potential for flooding, raise pollution levels and increase traffic to intolerable levels. Stop building any more houses! Introduce cycling lanes! This is the only sustainable response to future school shortages.

  20. No more houses should be built in Adel until it has a new school built to accommodate the extra children! The PAS site or the old Govt buildings site off Otley Road would be the best options for locating a new school .Children should be able to walk to school in safety which will be unlikely if more dwellings are built as the roads will become even more congested!
    RJ [ a concerned grandparent]

  21. Can someone at Leeds City Council answer these simple questions:

    Why on earth have significant new family housing developments been give planning permission WHEN THERE ARE NO SCHOOL PLACES and clearly no coherent strategy by LCC to provide them?

    Why is there no requirement for building contractors to build a new school when they are creating large new estates in areas where schools are full?

    What are the reasons LCC cannot build a new school to accommodate the new influx of children?

    Why does any new school need to be a Free School or and Academy?

    Does LCC not have a legal responsibility to ensure that enough school places are available to meet local need?

  22. Thanks for your comments, some of the answers around school place planning can be found here

    In relation to planning permission, the local planning authority has to make decisions taking into account planning legislation and national and local policies and guidance and the local planning authority must justify its decisions or the applicant may have reasons to appeal the decision. When considering planning applications for new housing developments, account is taken of the impact the development will have on the local community and this includes the impact on school places. Where there will be an impact on the local community, the developer of the new housing will be required to make a contribution which can be used to deal with the impact. For Education, developers are required to make a financial contribution and may be required set aside land for new education facilities within the development which the council (or other school provider) must pay for. The council will use these developer contributions to ensure that local school facilities are available at the right time.

  23. My concern is about access to current Adel schools should they be extended. Adel St John is on Long Causeway which is a narrow country road and is already extremely congested at the beginning and end of the school day. Similarly, Adel P is off a cul-de-sac road which will already be used more following the construction of the new Eastmoor site. Getting in and out will be the more difficult and cause congestion around local residences. These concerns also take in consideration of the health and safety of our children as they go to and return home from school. Building a new school on the vacated Eastmoor site would do little to help this problem. Developing the Ralph Thorseby site sounds a sensible option but the majority of the new housing is on the opposite side of the Otley Road and congestion around crossing points of that road in Adel is already horrendous! It is also quite a long way from the Bodington site to Ralph Thorseby. Although we are considering school placements, I can’t help feeling we are now locking the door after the horse has bolted as this discussion and consideration of school placements should have taken place BEFORE building commenced! Let’s hope further housing development will not take place until this and others infrastructure problems are resolved.

  24. More primary school places in Adel are not required. Firstly analyse how many children from out of the Adel area attend these schools, ie over 1.5 miles form each school. If these children weren’t admitted, this would free up places at the Adel School.
    Consider the price point of new homes at Bodington Fields, in excess of 600K. many of these parents will be opting for private education.
    Some small expansion at the 2 Adel schools makes sense, building a whole new school does not.

  25. We moved to Adel 5 years ago as we were expecting our first child and knew the schools were good there. As the years passed and more houses were built it became increasingly clear that our daughter was less and less likely to get into Adel Primary School.
    Thankfully we were in the fortunate position where we could send our daughter to primary school, but that doesn’t make me any less cross that this situation has arisen. If developers are providing finances for the extra education places, where has this money gone? What has Leeds City Council done with it?
    Anyhow we all know the problems, what are the solutions?
    The 2 Adel primary schools are very good, I’d therefore suggest the best solution would be to extend them.
    Adel primary school is a small site, but I’m sure with a bit of reorganisation you’d fit 1.5 FE on the site. The same with Adel c of e, is the land behind it, bedquilts, belong to the council? Although as someone has pointed out above, a c of e school may not suit everyone.
    If you move the site to east moor, it gets even further away from some of the existing residents as the crow flies.
    I’d love to see some facilities being built on the old DWP/ boddington site, school, dentist, doctors, shops etc, can’t see it happening though, considering how they’ve squeezed so many houses onto the centurion fields site.
    I don’t think the Ralph thoresby option would help Adel residents, if they wanted to cross the A660 there’s usually capacity at Ireland Wood primary school anyhow.
    Glad to see there is a public consultation happening, but do think it’s too late.

  26. A few thoughts on the comments above:

    -Adel St. John’s has already changed its admission policy to put local children ahead of children outside the parish (you will need to check with the school for the exact criteria but we got our daughter a place whilst saying we were atheist, but we do live really close).
    -if you extend the theory that children should attend a local school perhaps LCC should think about parents in the NW part of Alwoodley who apply to AsJ as they are in an area with no local school.
    – I don’t think we need a third primary school in this area (if we have space for a new school how about a secondary school??). I haven’t seen the assessments of the extension possibilities of the schools but I wonder if every option has really been looked at (if it’s anything like the review for a park in the area I don’t hold much faith in it).
    – I really don’t think having 1.5 classes per school would work – you would either have to have a split year class or alternate intake to 60 or 30 at both schools giving a total of 90. An alternative option could be to merge the schools and have an upper and lower school, with one at Adel Primary and one at Adel st John. I think this could be good for children (many of my daughters pre-school friends are now at Adel Primary) and parents. The obvious issue would be how to undertake such a change when one school is a church school.

  27. I sit on many Appeal Panels for school places in the Leeds area and Adel is not alone being oversubscribed, however historically from the days when the two Adel schools were not full, children from other areas have travelled to take up places. These children possibly will still have siblings in the schools and they, together with children of parents who have accepted places then moved away, but retained the places, make a mockery of the ‘Local schools for local children’. There is no solution to this of course as invariably when parents move, the place they move to has no places in their schools either.
    Our schools are popular and in desirable locations, but unless class-size legislation is changed, admitting more than 30 children per teacher, or the schools are made bigger we will be at an impasse.
    The best solution would be to build another Primary School…what is happening to the Ministry land at Lawnswood? This would fill a gap between the Adel schools and Ireland Wood/Cookridge area. In answer to a previous posting by Faye, the 45 intake would be split with Year 1 children, i.e. 30 Reception, 15 Reception with 15 younger children from Year1; this occurs frequently in other schools in Leeds quite successfully.

  28. I agree with previous comments made that there is without doubt a need for additional school places in Adel. Adel children should be able to attend a primary school in Adel and therefore I would not support building a new primary school for Adel children in Holt Park or creating a ‘through school’ at Ralph Thoresby.

    Simlarly, as pointed out with previous comments, if additional school places are provided on the East Moor site, it gets even further away and is not within walking distance.

    Like S Slinger, I also think the 2 Adel Primary Schools are very good and would support the suggestion that the best solution would be to extend them. I don’t think we need a third primary school in this area. Much better to extend existing good schools with strong existing ethos. In this way, more local children can benefit from the high standards of teaching and learning already in place rather than creating another school where the teaching may not turn out to be as good.

    Of the 2 existing schools, Adel St John’s is centrally located within the community which means it is already within walking distance for primary school children and it accepts non C of E pupils. I agree with previous comments made by Andy Neal that what is needed is a good school within walking distance that isn’t just a means of academic education but can become the hub of the community and somewhere local children and families can build lasting friendships.

    Picking up S Slinger’s point again and Faye, it would be interesting to know if there are assessments of the extension possibilities of the schools and if all options have really been looked at as both schools have land around them and couldn’t that be used for extension.

    • Picking up on your observations about the two primary schools in Adel, it must be noted that although Adel St John does accept non C/E pupils, priority is given to those with a SIF (supplementary information form) signed by the leader of their place of worship. There they do encourage walking to school, indeed may parents and carers walk through Bedquilts to and from school and as you say both primary schools have a strong sense of identity and a good ethos. Let’s hope good sense prevails and a way is found to expand these schools . Jenny Jones

  29. My daughter attends Adel Primary. She is one of 31 children in her form. One to many based on a guidance of 30 to a form. The problem isn’t on it’s way it’s already here.

    Christian Davis

    • Christian, an extra child can be added either because of an admissions error, because they have a statement of special educational needs, are ‘looked after’ (fostered) or on appeal when no other school was deemed suitable to suit that child’s needs if its in Key Stage 1, however in Key Stage 2 the class-size pledge can be breached but its not good to over-crowd a school Jenny Jones

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