Roundhay school places consultation

As part of the process for identifying options to deliver more school places in the Roundhay area, a stakeholder event was held on 3 June based on the OBA (outcomes based accountability) methodology. Attendees at the meeting included school governors, head teachers, elected members, parent groups’ representatives and members of staff from the capacity planning team, highways and transportation teams, planning and built environment officers.
A number of options were suggested to help meet the growing demand for school places and we would like to hear views and comments on all of the options put forward. Alternatively, if there’s an option you feel hasn’t been covered here please suggest it.
Demographic data showing children aged 0-5 years living in the area was presented and group discussions took place around this. From these discussions the consensus was that up to an additional 2 forms of entry (60 places) would be required and participants were encouraged to put suggestions forward to be considered.

A summary of the suggestions put forward that would involve expanding existing schools:

Please note that these suggestions may not have been put forward by representatives of the stated school and therefore may not represent that school’s governing body view. In addition, there are also a number of practical barriers to some of the options put forward, including traffic and highways matters. Where sites or land use is suggested, this land may not be available or in Leeds City Council ownership and would therefore need further investigation.

  • Expand Gledhow Primary School from 2 forms of entry to 3 forms of entry (60 to 90 places in reception) – using adjacent land
  • Expand Kerr Mackie  Primary School from 2 forms of entry to 3 forms of entry (60 to 90 places in reception) – using additional land near to the school
  • Expand St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in the adjacent area of Alwoodley. There is some suggestion this might be more feasible than expansion at Immaculate Heart (by investigating church land at the front of the existing building) which was also suggested. Due to the nature of parish boundaries this could potentially ease pressure into the Roundhay area too.
  • Expand Roundhay through school from 2 forms of entry to 4 forms of entry (60 to 120 places in reception) – utilising a separate site (eg. the former rugby pitch to the rear of the existing site)
  • Completely rebuild Wigton Moor Primary or Talbot Primary to facilitate an expansion from 2 forms of entry to 3 forms of entry (60 to 90 places in reception). In addition to being a very expensive option these both have other significant site limitations.
  • Expand Roundhay St John’s C of E Primary School from 1 form of entry to 1.5 forms of entry (30 to 45 places in reception) – utilising land to the rear of the school. This land is not believed to be available for school use.
  • Expand Moor Allerton Primary School from 2 forms of entry to 3 forms of entry (60 to 90 places in reception) – utilising Brakenwood Community Centre. An alternative option was to make use of the former CLC at Allerton Grange High School, to create the additional places. A consultation previously took place in this location that involved expanding the High School, but this did not progress due to highways concerns around traffic and parking in the immediate vicinity of those schools.

Suggestions put forward that would involve new sites:

Please note that no new sites other than those mentioned below have been identified that are currently in council ownership and available for use that would allow the establishment of a new school. Any sites in external ownership would carry an acquisition cost.

  • Re-develop former Elmete Centre site (former staffing accommodation) on Elmete Lane for use as a new primary school.
  • New 2 forms of entry (60 places) primary school located in the area between Wigton Moor and Talbot primary schools – no land or premises identified.
  • New 2 forms of entry (60 places) primary school located somewhere north of Hovingham Primary – no land or premises identified.
  • Create a new school on the land at Gledhow Primary School. This would be very close to an existing good school, and potentially very disruptive, as well as challenging to deliver. Expansion of the existing school would offer many advantages as a route to use this land.
  • Establish a new school on the Homebase site near to Tesco supermarket on Roundhay Road. The only route to establishing a new school is a Free School (see below) or competition for a new Academy. The land is not in council ownership.
  • Use the Fir Tree site for as a new school. Although in council ownership this site is outside of the immediate pressure area and there is known Free School interest in the site.
  • Encourage a Free School bid supported by existing schools. The schools themselves would need to form a body to propose this. Whilst the potential role of Free Schools in meeting the need for school places is acknowledged, they are decided on by the Secretary of State and are outside of the local authority’s control. They would therefore not be proposed or decided by the local authority, and it would be difficult to plan for them as a solution as a result.

This part of the consultation will run for 2 weeks, following which we will refine the options set out above to identify a preferred solution. There will then be a further 4 weeks of discussion around this during which time we will arrange drop in sessions in the area and look to work up some initial design plans.
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  1. The idea that Immaculate Heart School should be increased to three form entry strikes me, as a local resident, as very misguided. The parking and traffic problems around the school at present are quite serious, and the thought of increasing this by a third beggars belief.
    The school has proved ideal with two form entry, as we have found with our two grandsons over the past seven years. The buildings do not lend themselves to three forms. The staff room has only recently been increased what foresight!
    The church would not be able to accommodate any more children for worship – it’s a pretty tight squeeze it is.
    For a primary school, the present size seems ideal – just consider how the current superb head knows virtually every pupil by name.

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