Roundhay Stakeholder Engagement Event

A stakeholder engagement event is being held today for key stakeholders in Roundhay. This will event will go through the relevant data and issues facing the area in relation to providing sufficient school places for the future.

We are aiming to have the outcomes from this written up and presented on here for discussion by Monday 9 June.



  1. Do we know if this is a tempory bulge?
    If we creat new places how long before we go back to goverment and ask for money to remove surplus places as we have done previously?
    If we creat a new school, will the school have space to accommodate additional childcare places?
    After high fields increase in capacity we went from a forty place out of school service to a seventy and next year we will have a long waiting list to meet parental demand.
    Any increase in land usage on school sites will creat a reduction of open space that can not be easily recovered or replaced.
    Will children have adequate playing space for outdoor activities?
    Will the designs for new accommodation provide more than the recommended 1.8 meters squared per child in a classroom as this is to small( this was a previous education guidance and may have been updated).

  2. How disappointing it would be if Roundhay Primary that was purpose built for two form entry doubled its numbers and all its resources were squeezed massively right from the off set. The distance children would have to travel to a supersized school would increase significantly and the road/parking etc. could not cope with it. Is it not better to increase numbers in several schools rather than double the size of an already large school.

  3. Well something needs doing and doing asap. My family, who are local have been going to Gledhow Primary in every decade since 1960. Yet my daughter ( we live a stones throw from Gledhow Primary side entrance,) cannot get in. She is the 3 generation of our family to apply for a place and the 8th family member in 44 years, and yet the 1st one to be refused a place in it. It is totally unfair the people come from all over Leeds and get in and we do not. Things are only going to get worse. Expansion is the only way , plus also make it top priority to those that live in the local area. We are very upset and angry and will be appealing.

  4. Highfield Primary went from 1.5 to a 2 form entry 5 years ago, and the parking and road access to the school has been a major problem ever since. It is now difficult if not dangerous for pupils and parents alike. Cars park and block pavements on the already cramped and narrow Belvederes, and Sandringhams, and Shadwell Lane is dangerous for pedestrians with it’s narrow pavements and 40 miles per hour limit. Any expansion around this school would cause traffic grid lock and very likely pedestrian injury.

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